The Lemonface Kid and the Long-Term Plan

By Sarah-Jayne Shine

The Lemonface Kid and the Long-Term Plan

The Lemonface Kid and The Long-Term Plan - sound like something worth taking a look into? That's because it is. Lemonface Design produced the Long-Term Plan Consultation Document for Horowhenua District Council that went out to the public for consultation in February 2018.

The document was styled and themed around 2 school age children, Maia and Xander (our Lemonface Kid). They ask 'What's Our Future?' and the document delves into the coming challenges facing the Horowhenua District in the next 20 years, and then later asking for feedback from the community. Lemonface Design worked closely with illustrator Greg Straight to produce the cartoon style illustrations that depict the many different activities that Horowhenua District Council undertake for their communities. These illustrations along with the children and the doodles made the written content shine. The entire document is written in a way Joe Public can understand with easy to find definitions and locations to find extra reading material.

Our main objective was to make it sound less formal and more straight-forward because our aim is to make this as inclusive as we can for the whole community, and not just those in the know. This consultation document was a finalist in the 2018 Society of Local Government Managers’ Great Consultation Document Competition. It also got some great feedback from the office of the Auditor General in their 'Long-term plans:Our audits of councils’ consultation documents' report (pages 16 and 17), in which it was said:

"One of the strengths of this consultation document is the frequent use of tips about how to read the information presented and clear indications of where to find the underlying information. Sketch-style graphics are effectively combined with photos from the district and input from the “champions”'

You can find more images of our work on this project in our portfolio.