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Sarah-Jayne Shine truly does “shine”! Her creative flare coupled with a desire to work with and for the customer produces outstanding results that enhances customer engagement and perception. Sarah-Jayne through clarity of strategy developed and delivered on an outstanding communications and brand strategy that brought to life our ideas and vision.

Monique Davidson,
Group Manager Customer & Community Services

Rangitīkei District Council

Sarah-Jayne and Sean were exceptional to work with on the design and print for community engagement on our spatial planning project – Pae Tawhiti Rangitīkei Beyond. With an incredibly short timeframe Sarah-Jayne created a huge number of exceptially high quality looking documents – a full discussion document, summary documents and engagement material. Sean leading the print
management made this part of the process a breeze. We are exceptionally happy with the results and highly recommend the team at Lemonface Creative.

Katrina Gray
Kaiwhakamahere Rautaki Matua, Senior Strategic Planner

ACS Marketing

Sarah-Jayne is an incredibly talented designer and creative brain! She understands the brief and transforms it into creative designs that cut through and appeal to the target audience. I have worked closely with Lemonface Creative on the production of a magazine and the editorial layout and attention to detail is exceptional. Sarah-Jayne is easy to communicate with and always gets the job completed within timelines. A pleasure to work with and a unicorn designer. 

Anna Colville-Smith
ACS Marketing

Shepherdess Magazine

Sarah Jayne is creative, clever, dynamic, and a storyteller. She is exactly the sort of person you want to have on your team when working on a project that uses visual communication to tell a story. it is wonderful to work with someone who is equally as excited on a project as you! It feels like a true collaboration.

Kristy McGregor
Editor, Shepherdess Magazine

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Case Studies

If you want to get a sneak peek into how we work, read one of our case studies, they showcase our work from 'go to whoa!' and explore projects in more depth.


Daylight saving – what’s it all about anyway? AND how to avoid feeling tired when the clocks go forward

During the daylight-saving months we are on ‘New Zealand daylight time’, which is 1 hour ahead of New Zealand standard time.

These dates and the time of the change are heavily publicised in the lead up to the change through television and radio advertisements, local council websites and national newspapers. So how come it always takes me by surprise? And how come I never know if that means MORE sleep or LESS sleep each time the clocks change?

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10 blogs to inspire your design

This month it’s a little bit different as I’ll share with YOU some blogs that I subscribe to. Blogs that inspire me, make me pause for thought, challenge my thinking, or just make me smile. Smiling is good.

One of the best things about graphic design is that it never stands still for a moment. But that does mean that keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies can be a bit of a challenge. “Stand still at your peril” I was once told and it’s a piece of advice I’ve long subscribed to. Keeping my mind fresh allows me to stay connected and enthused.

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We’re in a right state. Of flux.

I got COVID – the long version and it was pretty rubbish for a while there. My enthusiasm waned, my energy levels nose-dived, and my creative juices ran nearly dry. I barely looked outside during this period. But then I got better, stronger and felt enthused again. And I felt it was time to look out of the window again. The new normal is coming I was told. It’s in the post – life is going to be like The Great Gatsby every day. The streets of Levin will be paved with gold. So, I cautiously shuffled across the living room, and I excitedly opened the curtains and I breathed in. And I looked out. I wish I hadn’t!

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